Aloha Apocalypse – How Prepared Are You?

By Lowell Ponte 

“Ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii,” said the warning sent Saturday morning to 1.4 million island state residents. “Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill.”

But the terrifying alert from Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency was the result of a test in which “an employee pushed the wrong button” during a shift change, Governor David Ige (D) later announced.

Within three minutes the U.S. Pacific Command confirmed that North Korea had launched no missile at Hawaii, so cool and steady President Donald Trump continued his golf game in Florida.

In Hawaii, however, the badly-mismanaged, state-caused alert spread for 38 minutes before being fully countermanded. Residents are accustomed to dire warnings, such as the tsunami warning that once caught my wife and me on Maui. This is also the state struck by Japanese warplanes at Pearl Harbor in 1941, so Hawaiians have contemplated a nuclear sneak attack by another Asian power.

On Saturday, some ran for the nearest bomb shelter. Many were afraid or philosophical. “I sat on my couch and opened up the sliding door and watched TV and listened to music,” said 24-year-old PGA golfer Justin Thomas. “I was like ‘there’s nothing I can do. If it’s my time, it’s my time.’”

Leftist Hollywood celebrities rushed to deflect blame from Democrats to President Trump. “This Hawaii missile scare is on YOU Mr. Trump,” tweeted actress Jamie Lee Curtis, “…on YOUR ARROGANCE, HUBRIS, NARCISSISM, RAGE, EGO, IMMATURITY and your UNSTABLE IDIOCY….YOU DID THIS!”

One hates to confuse Tony Curtis’ daughter with facts, but the reason lunatic North Korea has nukes is Jimmy Carter, who when acting as emissary from President Bill Clinton promised that the United States would not halt Communist North Korea’s nuclear program – and would, instead, provide its dictatorial dynasty with billions of dollars in aid.

Former President Carter, who was given a Nobel Peace Prize to “kick the shins” of Republicans (said the head of the prize committee), also helped topple key American ally the Shah of Iran, which put today’s apocalyptic Ayatollahs in power. This begat the Iran-Iraq war with more than half a million dead, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the rise of Al-Qaeda, and the 9-11 destruction of the World Trade Center and other targets that killed thousands of Americans.

President Barack Obama, another Democrat Peace Prize winner, likewise gave Iran’s enemies of America billions in cash and an agreement that we would not undermine their ambitions to acquire nuclear weapons and ignite global terrorism. Obama also reneged on putting U.S. anti-missile weapons in Poland to defend the U.S. against Iranian ballistic missiles.

Remember that if nuclear missile attacks become real – God forbid! – that former Presidents Carter, Clinton, and Obama are to blame. And when you see Mika Brzezinski attacking President Trump on MSNBC, remember that her father was President Carter’s National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who proposed that our Persian Gulf fleet shoot down Israeli warplanes if they tried to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities.

What could make us safer today? America needs to become more decentralized, resilient, and self-reliant, not dependents on ever-bigger, more centralized government handouts that could vanish in national emergencies. We should stockpile enough food, water, and other supplies (as Sweden just recommended) that we can live through at least a three-month “civil emergency” without relying on the government or its un-backed paper fiat money to sustain us. We need to become more like America’s Founders. If we do this, the warning of Hawaii could prove to be a sobering blessing.


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2018 Predictions – Part Three Ice and Fire: Coming Weather & Climate

By Lowell Ponte

Lowell Ponte is a veteran think tank futurist and author of the prophetic book The Cooling about global climate.

Days ago, as the Northeast was battered by some of the coldest weather in a century, global warming huckster Al Gore claimed that the chill was a sign that Earth is getting warmer, not colder. Gore is being deceptive.

Global warmists say that snow happens when warmth evaporates water into the air, where it freezes into snow. The weather bomb remembered as the March Blizzard of 1888 buried New York City in snowdrifts 30 feet deep. But January 2018’s record cold caused relatively little snow. It was mostly just Arctic cold that could cause frostbite in minutes, or even death.

741Severe cold is far more frightening than global warming. It is evidence that Earth’s climate may be returning to “normal,” which is much, much colder than the 20th Century’s balmy climate (defined as a 30-year averaging of weather). We soon may pray for ways we can warm the planet.

The Sun, our star, largely controls Earth’s climate. We used to assume its radiance was constant, but recent research shows that our Sun’s output flickers slightly, like a candle.

Some of this subtle change is cyclic: during the 11.4-year average sunspot cycle, our star emits a wee bit less energy when magnetic sunspots are few, as they are today. From 1645 until 1715, the Maunder Minimum, astronomers recorded few sunspots – and severe cold and dryness devastated Europe. The River Thames froze, letting locals walk across its ice from one side of London to the other.

Dr. John A. Eddy studied another solar cycle in which roughly every 1,000 years the Sun seems to turn up its thermostat for a period of around 150 years, then rapidly cools, causing Earth to plunge back to drastically colder temperatures. Such periods of what Eddy called “Solar Maxima” happened around the time of Jesus, then during the Viking expansion around 900 A.D., and most recently around 1850 A.D., lasting into our own time.

This latest period of a warmer-than-usual Sun, if Eddy’s cycle continues, is now overdue to end abruptly. What could this change be like? Like recent weather.

In the 1,200s, sea ice in the North Atlantic began moving south, marking the start of the “Little Ice Age” that lasted until around 1850, during which Eskimos landed their fishing kayaks in northern Scotland. During the American Revolution, the ports of Boston, New York, and Philadelphia often froze shut in winter, and Valley Forge was nightmarishly cold.

We might now be returning to this “normal” American climate. It could soon be economically far more costly to grow food and keep ourselves warm. Today the Northeast shivers while California’s Sierras get little snow – setting the stage for Golden State blazes to come…a future of ice and fire.

Why do Al Gore and others claim our world is warming? As Craig R. Smith and I document in our latest book Money, Morality & The Machine, two United Nations climate officials have acknowledged that the global warming agenda is political, not environmental. Its goal, one admitted, is to replace capitalism with globalist Progressive collectivism and to “redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy.”

Just as leaked emails exposed deceit in the 2016 election, leaked “Climategate” emails between warming-advocate scientists exposed their boasting to one another about how they have rigged data to “hide the decline” in world temperatures and prevented non-warmist scientists from being published in key journals. Vice President Al Gore fired government scientists who disagreed with him. Stifling free inquiry and rigging public discussion is not legitimate or honest science…and has created a widespread bitter chill of distrust towards both our science and our government.
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