A German Earthquake Shakes Europe’s Foundation

By Lowell Ponte

The earthquake that hit Germany on Sunday could be felt throughout the European Union. Its aftershocks will continue for months, perhaps even years, and will change America’s political and economic landscape as well.

In Sunday’s national elections, Chancellor Angela Merkel won a fourth term in office, but with less than 33 percent of the vote for her Christian Union bloc, its worst showing since the end of World War II. Mistaken polls projected she would win 37-38 percent, down from 41 percent in 2013.

Merkel had ruled in coalition with the soft socialist Social Democrats, who won only 20.7 percent, also their lowest vote since World War II. Her partner in parliamentary power now says that their marriage of strange political bedfellows is over.

Merkel, the head of Europe’s most powerful country, had become the anti-Donald Trump, the world leader who stood for globalist policies, an end of nationalism, and the collectivism of the European Union.

Indeed, Germany created the European Union, and the Euro to replace national currencies. This was its third attempt in the 20th Century, as Craig R. Smith and I explain in our latest book Money, Morality & The Machine, to conquer and control the whole of Europe. It is no coincidence that Merkel keeps in her office a painting of Catherine the Great, the German princess who became Russian Czarina….and Merkel’s favorite historic ruler.

But ruling will be difficult for Merkel now. She must patch together new coalitions with the business-friendly Free Democrats who won 10.4 percent and want no more bailouts of Greece and other profligate neighbors, and with the leftist Green Party with 9.1 percent, which is largely anti-big business. Neither one gives her a governing majority, so she must find ways to compromise with both.

Merkel’s worse nightmare is that a new party called Alternative for Germany (AfD) won a surprising 13.2 percent of the vote and will become the third biggest party in the German legislature, with perhaps 80 legislators. This party, allied with the soon-to-be-renamed National Front of Marine Le Pen in France, has said it will demand investigations into Merkel’s invitation that brought more than a million Muslim immigrants into Germany.

This is an anti-immigrant party that opposes the European Union. It applauds the United Kingdom’s Brexit from the EU, and the opposition to EU-coerced immigration by Poland and Hungary. It is intensely nationalist, tapping some of the same voter concerns as Donald Trump, and like President Trump it wants to dismantle Merkel’s globalist agenda.

The same tectonic forces days ago led Catalonia to hold an unauthorized vote to secede from Spain; the election was put down by ballot-confiscating armed Spanish police in Barcelona. Similar tremors can be felt in several other EU countries. All are heartened by the fast-growing power of Alternative for Germany.

The World Jewish Congress has called Merkel a “true friend of Israel and the Jewish people,” and evinced fear of this rising German nationalist party.
It is unclear why they praise Chancellor Merkel who, fearful of Germany’s low fertility rate, has flooded her country and Europe with Muslims. Under EU laws an immigrant can move anywhere in the EU, regardless of member nations’ wishes.

Merkel decided to run for a fourth term only after Trump’s victory and the United Kingdom’s vote for Brexit. After the vote, she has already begun to backpedal on the concerns of nationalist voters. She may be unable to keep globalist policies, the European Union, and the Euro from collapsing during the next four years.
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America Needs a “Tax Reformation”

by Lowell Ponte

This October the world’s Protestants celebrate the 500th Anniversary of priest Martin Luther posting 95 Theses that called for changes in the Roman Catholic church, an act that sparked the Reformation.

The Reformation also launched modern free enterprise, argued pioneering sociologist Max Weber in The Protestant Ethic and The Spirit of Capitalism. The Reformation taught that individual achievement and earned success were virtues, and established the Protestant work ethic that helped make the English-speaking nations world powers.

In today’s struggle between globalist collectivism and nationalist individualism, we need more than tax reform. We need a Tax Reformation that again puts the individual taxpayer above the government and reasserts the ancient Roman Cicero’s motto that the good of the people is the highest law. Government is supposed to serve us, not overtax our achievers to serve the greed of selfish politicians and the state.

The United States, which began as a free enterprise nation, now imposes a 35 percent tax rate on businesses, the highest among advanced countries. Progressives insist that any tax change be “revenue neutral,” that government receive at least as much tax as it gets now by clawing back and redistributing with its left hand whatever tax cuts are given with its right. The only debate is to be over who pays most and least, with politicians demanding indulgences from businesses trying to escape Tax Hell.

Cartoonist Gary Varvel: Trump's tax reform promisePresident Donald Trump’s wish to reduce business taxes to 15 percent is “unrealistic” according to the left-of-center magazine The Atlantic. Yet 15 percent could bring 2.5 Trillion in overseas earnings home, and is the business tax rate in prosperous Germany, Luther’s homeland.

The Left deems a 25 percent rate plausible. This is the business tax rate in Communist China – 10 percentage points lower today than in the “capitalist” United States. In the United Kingdom from which we won independence, the business tax rate is 19 percent. In Ireland it is 13 percent, barely over a third of ours. Government tax greed has made America uncompetitive.

In a true free enterprise nation, why is business taxed at all? Business employs and benefits us; it should be encouraged, not penalized as a minority that in our class-warfare democracy can be taxed heavily by politicians to buy the votes of those less successful.

President Richard Nixon once said that a 35 percent tax rate was the point at which a nation’s freedom vanishes. But our government now taxes business and then also taxes the earnings of individuals who work for or invest in that business. The pagan god of today’s Leftists, Karl Marx, proposed high “Progressive” income taxes as one of the best ways to destroy capitalism and replace it with socialist serfdom under a ruling elite.

“The Democrats have become socialists,” wrote columnist Dana Milbank earlier this month in the liberal Washington Post. As Craig R. Smith and I wrote in We Have Seen The Future And It Looks Like Baltimore, the risk that the socialist one of our two political parties could take power in any election and start taxing and expropriating capital will greatly reduce business investment. We estimate that this “donkey drag” could reduce potential jobs and economic growth by 25 percent.

The purportedly pro-business Republicans run Congress but have been hesitant to make President Trump’s tax cut proposals law. If they do not enact a large retroactive tax cut on businesses and individuals soon, they could easily lose one or both houses of Congress in the 2018 elections.

Republicans have the power to slash taxes if their policies are “revenue neutral” after ten years. This is temporary and imperfect. But if Democrats regain power because of Republican timidity or inaction, the rules will immediately be changed to raise taxes. Americans need again to see that lower taxes and smaller government – a Tax Reformation – are the path back to greater prosperity, freedom, individuality, and enterprise.
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The Unseen Storm

It Could Put America Underwater Forever

by Lowell Ponte

We have seen the devastation of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, and this week we marked the anniversary of history-changing terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 that destroyed America’s World Trade Center towers and murdered 3,000 people.

But a potentially even more destructive attack has just happened, almost unnoticed because it produced no dramatic television images. This attack struck 143 million Americans (most of whom have not yet felt it) and could put our nation underwater for years to come – perhaps even drown our personal and national economy and prosperity.
Call it Financial Storm Equifax. This Atlanta-based company – one of America’s three giant credit reporting agencies – announced this September that hackers had penetrated its computers and stole data for at least 10 weeks before being detected on July 29.

What these hackers stole, Equifax reported, were the names, birth dates, Social Security numbers, and other data of 143 million “customers” – nearly half the U.S. population.

(“Customers” is in quote marks because you likely never asked or agreed to be an Equifax customer, and you have no ability under current law to make them stop gathering personal financial data about you.)

Equifax made $3.1 Billion last year, mostly from providing its actual paying customers – banks and financial service companies – data on individuals. Worldwide it has data on more than 820 million people and more than 91 million businesses.

The creditworthiness of 200 million Americans is in the hands of Equifax, Transunion, and Experian, each of which assigns each of us a numeric credit rating that determines whether, and at what interest rate, we can get a credit card, car loan, mortgage or other lending. This may also determine whether you get a job…or even a mate.

The hackers also snatched credit card numbers from at least 209,000 “customers” and confidential information from disputes involving 182,000. Such information is a virtual “Open Sesame” to create and drain credit accounts….and to damage or destroy the credit of Americans. This hack is a cyberwar attack on our national as well as personal security.

What did Equifax do when it discovered the hack of its computers? It delayed notifying its 143 million “customer” victims for more than a month. Half of us live paycheck to paycheck, depending on our credit to cover emergencies. Equifax executives did act quickly, however, to sell at least $1.8 Million of their company stock shares before the bad news became public – the third Equifax hacking disclosure this year.

Equifax, on a new web site in September, said that it would provide a year of credit monitoring free via its ironically-named subsidiary TrustedIDPremier to those it exposed to criminal terrorism. But to get this, people have to give Equifax the last six digits of their nine digit Social Security number and sign an agreement whose fine print prohibits them from suing Equifax.

Criticized for this, Equifax promised that such customer controls do “not apply to this cybersecurity incident.” Trouble is, the information stolen could be used to raid or ruin your credit a year – or a dozen years – from today. Who can prove whether the damning data came from the 2017 Equifax hack?

Certainly if a bank negligently lost everybody’s money, it might be in big legal trouble. But for losing the data of 143 million of us, Equifax will likely suffer no criminal penalty. (Trial lawyers have already filed the first $70 Billion civil class action suit against Equifax.) Equifax, writes computer expert Farhad Manjoo, is “considered too central to the American financial system.” It is too big to fail.

People claiming to be the hackers, meanwhile, sent a dark web statement that they “are two people trying to solve our lives and those of our families. We did not expect to get as much information as we did, nor do we want to affect any citizen.”

These hackers promise to destroy the data if Equifax helps them “monetize the information” by September 15th by paying them a mere 600 Bitcoins, a cryptocurrency – 600 of which are presently worth approximately $2.6 Million.

Bitcoin is more speculative and changeable than casino chips. But America is becoming a “cashless” society where all money will be mere government-controlled computer blips, financial privacy is non-existent, the economy runs on financial manipulation instead of work and products, credit and ever-expanding debt are everything, and debased dollars are designed to self-destruct from deliberate inflation. The Equifax hack shows, as Craig R. Smith and I warn in Don’t Bank On It!, how easily America could be underwater.

No wonder the hackers say that, paid off or not, they are keeping the credit card numbers they stole for later exploitation. Your future depends on your hackable credit.
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Antifa and a North Korean Nuclear Winter

by Lowell Ponte

The latest North Korean blast was, by one estimate, up to 10 times bigger than the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima.

Worse, this weapon may have been not only an atomic fission device but also a hydrogen-fusion explosive, an H-bomb small enough to be carried by an intercontinental ballistic missile.


And even more chilling, such a compact bomb could be delivered not only by missile but also by terrorists via a World War I biplane barely visible to modern radars, or in a fishing boat, or in a Volkswagen van to Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, or Washington, D.C. Imagine the September 11, 2001 attack on New York City with a nuclear weapon.

We have centralized our power and population in large cities and systems, like the banks that hold our bank accounts merely as electronic blips in giant computers. A nuclear blast would emit an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that could fry our computer chips, blind military offensive and defensive systems, erase our banking records and economy, and return us to being a near-Stone Age country in a heartbeat.

We have seen where available terrorists can be found, eager to destroy the United States. Many have been radicalized, surrendering their individuality to group identities demanded by the sects of fanatic racial and ideological movements.

One such urban terrorist was arrested last March, wearing the black costume and mask of the radical leftist Antifa movement. After his group disrupted a Trump rally in Minneapolis by setting off smoke bombs and fireworks in the state capitol, the 24-year-old was confronted by police officers and adopted a fighting stance against one – stopped only by a spray of tear gas. He was taken into custody on suspicion of felony second-degree riot.

The young leftist was quickly freed without charges, however, because Linwood “Woody” Michael Kaine is the son of Virginia Senator and Hillary Clinton 2016 running mate Tim Kaine.

This apple did not fall far from the tree. When he was 22, Tim Kaine served with Jesuits in Honduras and was entranced by a radical leftist Liberation Theology priest who described himself as a “good Marxist” and served Cuban revolutionaries trying to overthrow the government of Honduras. Tim Kaine would later be almost a heartbeat away from being President.

North Korea’s technological threat of possessing an EMP weapon is clear, as Craig R. Smith and I show in our books Don’t Bank On It! and The Great Debasement. But even more frightening, as we explore in Money, Morality & The Machine, is that our welfare state and deficit spending have destroyed honest money, self-reliance, and the values, morality and patriotism of millions of our government-addicted fellow Americans.

What does it say about our country that the presidential nominee of one of our two major parties pocketed $145 Million from Moscow in exchange for 20 percent of America’s uranium? Or that her running mate’s son appears to have sold his soul to a group that in Berkeley weeks ago was chanting “No Trump, No Wall, No USA at All!” as its hate screed calling for the annihilation of the United States?

Senator Kaine issued a statement saying only that: “We love that our three children have their own views and concerns about current political issues. They fully understand the responsibility to express those concerns peacefully.” So why does Kaine’s increasingly radical party keep escalating the divide-and-conquer politics of race and class warfare and hatred, and why do left-of-center politicians say nothing when Antifa attacks disabled elderly veterans in wheel chairs and chills the free speech of others?

Our civilization can be severely harmed by North Korean nukes, but it can be destroyed by a permanent winter of moral rot, debased paper dollars and radicalized enemies within. As was said during the 1960s, when little people cast large shadows, you know the sun is setting. Is a new Dark Age near?


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