Will Americans Soon Be Totally De-Voted?

By Lowell Ponte

We all know why Democrats were eager to use a government shutdown to force a path to citizenship for Latino aliens called “Dreamers” who were brought here at age 16 or younger by illegal alien parents.

20180119hunter_s878x688These DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) “kids” are a “critical component of the Democratic Party’s electoral success,” wrote former Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri in a memo from the left-of-center Center for American Progress Action Fund. No wonder President Barack Obama imposed DACA by what he admitted was an unconstitutional Executive Order after Congress refused to enact it into law.

Now up to 36 years of age and numbering up to 3.6 million, these potential voters are inclined to vote two-to-one in favor of Democrats. Democrats thus far have refused to negotiate whether Dreamers, if made legal immigrants, can sponsor their parents and other relatives as legal residents and, soon thereafter, voting U.S. citizens…moving them ahead of other applicants.

Amnestied Dreamers could bring 36 million people or more with lower-than-average education and skill into the United States. Such “chain migration” accounts for 61 percent of the 33 million immigrants who have come here over the past 35 years – picked not by Americans but by U.S. immigrants to advantage their own kin. (The U.S. also picks many immigrants by a random lottery, not by their qualifications.)

Roughly 55 percent of such immigrants go on various kinds of taxpayer assistance, dependent on Big Government and inclined to vote for the Big Government political party. The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) has calculated that the typical illegal immigrant family costs roughly $17,500 more per year than it pays in taxes.

Non-citizens are roughly 8.4 percent of all U.S. adults and, according to CIS, commit about two and a half times more non-immigration crimes than their share of the population, including 31.5 percent of drug convictions, 17.8 percent of economic crimes, and 12.8 percent of auto thefts.

Many of these Dreamers could begin voting this year. On April Fool’s Day, the State of California launches what its Department of Motor Vehicles calls “exciting changes” that will provide automatic voter registration to anyone getting a California Driver License, without requiring any evidence of citizenship such as a birth certificate. California law prohibits asking voters at a polling place for an I.D. In other words, the once-Golden State, rushing its new law, is de facto letting non-citizens vote in the 2018 elections.

Democrats in control of California and 11 other states refused to provide voter data to President Donald Trump’s commission looking into voter fraud. Because of their refusal, the commission was unable to function. Those registered to vote under the new California law can check that they want only to vote by mail, so they need never show up at a polling place.

Meanwhile, as Judicial Watch reported on January 19, holdovers from President Obama’s administration are giving a new flood of illegal aliens, including children, free commercial air transportation throughout the United States to wherever they wish to go. These “undocumented immigrants” are being given boarding priority over all other passengers, including law enforcement personnel and U.S. citizens.

DACA is in the Spanish idiom toma y daca, “give and take.” American taxpayers give, and the Democrat-privileged “Dreamers” take, turning our nation into a nightmare where we shall soon be outvoted – or “de-voted,” as Craig R. Smith and I detail in our book Money, Morality & The Machine – and looted by a calculated coup d’etat using aliens, much like ancient Rome.

The Democrats may promise anything to gerrymander the voter rolls with their illegal immigrant Supermajority. As soon as they turn America into a one-party state, as Mexico has been for most of its history, they can tear down any promised border wall or deal to end chain migration. Republicans will sink into the dust of history, along with our Republic.
To schedule an interview with Lowell Ponte, a former Reader’s Digest editor & Californian, contact: Sandy Frazier at 516-735-5468 or email sandy@mystic-art.com.

For a free copy of Craig R. Smith and Lowell Ponte’s latest book, Money, Morality & The Machine, contact: David Bradshaw at 602-918-3296 or email him at ideaman@myideafactory.net


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