China is Winning the “Opium War” behind America’s “New Stoned Age”

By Lowell Ponte

President Donald Trump this week begins an Asia trip to Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines, a major topic of which will be the risk of war with North Korea. But will he also acknowledge that the U.S. is already in a deadly undeclared war with Communist China?

Days ago, Mr. Trump declared a “public health emergency” over the worst drug epidemic in American history. In 2015, 92 million Americans – 38 percent of the U.S. population – were prescribed opioids.


Almost half of working-age American men who are out of the labor force use painkillers daily, and opioid use could explain 20% of men’s workforce attrition, according to Princeton economics Professor Alan Krueger.

In 2016, a tsunami of prescription and illegal opiates caused at least 64,000 drug overdoses – killing more Americans than died during the entire Vietnam War…and more every three weeks than died in the 9-11 terrorist attacks. Many have been casualties of China’s new “Opium War.”

The journal Science reports that “the United States consumes 85% of all the world’s natural and synthetic opiates,” and that many health professionals blame opiates for America’s declining life expectancy.

While prescription opioids such as OxyContin have hooked many on opioid dependency, and have killed many who crush or otherwise try to accelerate this legal drug’s 12-hour time release, something even more frightening is now happening. As users craving heavier doses turn to the criminal black market, illicit Chinese dealers have been supplying Fentanyl and its precursor exports to the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Fentanyl, which users often mix with heroin or Vicodin or Percocet, is a synthetic opiate roughly 100 times more potent than morphine, reports Science. One victim killed by fentanyl overdose was the musician Prince. A 2017 federal report found fentanyl in 56 percent of opioid deaths in 10 states. Two milligrams – equivalent to a few grains of salt – of the drug can be lethal by depressing breathing.

“Underground labs in China,” writes Science, “are devising potent new opiates faster than authorities can respond.” One such opioid from China is carfentanil, 100 times stronger than fentanyl and about 10,000 times more potent than morphine. One website makes it available by mail, reports Science, “for $361 for 50 grams: tens of thousands of lethal doses.” Someone might suffer a fatal dose of carfentanil merely by touching it.

For China, which officially outlaws such drugs and would execute dope pushers selling them to its citizens, opioid exports are a win-win-win situation. They make money for China, weaken the U.S. by drugging our people and damaging our economy, and provide revenge for the Opium Wars of the 19th Century.

China’s ruler Xi Jinping earlier this year invoked the “century of humiliation” caused by Great Britain forcing sales of its India-grown opium onto China. Xi is promoting a “make China great again” nationalist agenda that blames China’s past failings on opium and English-speaking imperialism. This nationalism is calculated to redeem Communists for their 1989 massacre of students in Tiananman Square, near which in 1860 British and French troops established bases during the second Opium War.

The United States also brought opium that ruined many Chinese lives. Ships from Baltimore, as Craig R. Smith and I documented in We Have Seen The Future And It Looks Like Baltimore, played a role in selling Turkish opium to China. Baltimore today is one of America’s heroin capitals, torn by rioting over the death of a heroin dealer. And China apparently finds it appropriate to wage this kind of chemical warfare against our children in a new “Opium War.” (China likewise helps cause America’s debilitating “New Stoned Age” by promoting marijuana use.)

The anti-Trump media has used the opioid crisis to attack the President, a teetotaler who saw his own brother Fred destroyed by alcoholism. Both the Washington Post and CBS “60 Minutes” did recent stories accusing Republicans and Trump’s now-resigned nominee for Drug Czar of passing legislation that eased some legal restrictions on OxyContin and other narcotics manufacturers. These stories, noted the New York Times, both downplayed that Democrats “supported without dissent the same industry-friendly legislation that….was then signed into law by [President Barack] Obama.” These anti-Trump stories were also designed to put blame for the opioid epidemic on private business, not on government failures or Communist China.

Karl Marx called religion “the opiate of the masses.” For Xi Jinping’s Communist China connection, the weaponized opiates now being targeted on America’s masses are opioids. Today’s new Opium War could do more to destroy us than North Korea’s arsenal of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons.


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Did U.S. Troops Die in Niger Protecting French and Chinese Uranium?

By Lowell Ponte

America was surprised when U.S. troops in Niger were ambushed, and four were killed, on October 4. Why are more than 1,000 U.S. soldiers in this desolate region of Western Africa, and in one of the world’s least developed nations?

According to Defense Secretary James Mattis, America’s mission there is “supporting the French-led and the African troops in the campaign to throw ISIS and the terrorists, the radicals, those who foment instability and murder and mayhem, off their stride.” He speaks truth – but not the whole truth.

mrz121714dapr_s878x638Until 1958, land-locked Niger was a French colony bordered by oil-rich Libya to the north and oil-rich Nigeria to the south. Niger has far less oil than its neighbors, but has good reason to be fought over both for territory and one key resource.

“France gets about 75 percent of its electricity from nuclear reactors,” the New York Times reported in 2013, and that year France dramatically increased its military forces in Niger to protect its uranium mines. The terrorists attacking Americans this October were driven off minutes later by French fighter jets streaking to the rescue.

Eighty percent of Niger citizens do not know that their country’s northern desert has uranium, which Business Insider described in 2015 as “the world’s fifth-largest recoverable uranium reserves, some 7% of the global total.”

A handful of uranium mines account for roughly a third of all of Niger’s exports and supply a third of France’s reactor fuel (and possibly the key ingredients for French nuclear weapons as well). No wonder France and its American allies are willing to pay a price to keep these radioactive isotopes flowing, avoid terrorist disruptions, and prevent Islamists from seizing this potential source of A-bomb material.

France, however, is not the only uranium mine investor in Niger. The People’s Republic of China also has reportedly committed to investing $300 million and owns a 37 percent stake in the Azelik mine, along with the Niger government plus one other Chinese and one Korean investor in a joint partnership called Somina.

President Barack Obama sent U.S. military forces to Niger in 2013, apparently to support the French buildup to protect their vital uranium mines from Islamists. In October 2017, this cost four American lives. But did these courageous soldiers implicitly also die to defend a Communist Chinese uranium mine, a potential source of China’s nuclear weapons?

How ironic that the Obama Administration gave Russia 20 percent of America’s uranium reserves, some of which Russia may have sold to Iran, and Iran may have sold to North Korea, to make weapons that someday soon could devastate the United States.

How ironic that Mr. Obama allowed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s political slush fund foundation to pocket $145 million from this Russian deal, thereby letting Russia influence American politics.

And how ironic that Mr. Obama also has been willing to put the lives of American troops on the line in Niger to defend France’s – and Communist China’s – uranium.


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Welcome to the Secret Methods of Progressive Politics

By Lowell Ponte

Former President Barack Obama has just “won” a second Nobel Prize, this time for the chief “mind control” researcher whose ideas helped him get elected and reelected.

Yet most people do not even know that Mr. Obama had a kind of “Office of Thought Control” and team of mind-manipulation experts in his White House. And most know nothing of the sinister techniques Mr. Obama and his Progressive comrades used, and continue to use, to sway us.


This is how Progressive politics now work, and it has shocking similarities to Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel of a “benign” but brain-drugged totalitarian future, Brave New World.

Journalists said nothing of this when they reported in October that Richard Thaler of the University of Chicago has been awarded the Nobel Prize for his research creating the field of “behavioral economics.”

Economists, ever since Adam Smith wrote The Wealth of Nations in 1776, have assumed that people make decisions rationally and logically, based on their own enlightened self-interest. Thaler found that most people make decisions irrationally, but predictably, and that such decisions can be “nudged” in certain directions by outside influences. Thaler told reporters that he would spend his $1.1 Million Nobel prize money “irrationally.”

Thaler explains how to use such influences in “Nudge,” a book he co-authored with legal scholar Cass Sunstein. Craig R. Smith and I lay out these disturbing techniques and document how the Obama Administration used them in our book The Great Withdrawal.

To shape peoples’ actions and decisions, Thaler and Sunstein wrote, one should frame a “choice architecture” that gives only limited choices as a way to herd people toward what you want. Apply peer pressure by claiming that neighbors and others are already doing what you secretly want. Use “priming,” as we wrote, by “subtly programming the mind with trigger words, concepts, images and cues that can move a person towards a particular response and decision.”

Such “nudges,” we wrote, could be used openly and paternalistically to help people, as Thaler prefers. But they “could also be used for what MIT radical intellectual Noam Chomsky calls ‘the manufacture of consent,’ to manipulate people into assenting to whatever the State or ruling political party wishes. A ‘nudge’ is a kind of push, and this push could come to shove.”

In 2008, Sunstein and Thaler assembled a team of behavioral scientists to help elect Obama. Sunstein headed Obama’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs from 2009 until August 2012. Sunstein’s wife is Irish-born radical activist Samantha Power, who became Obama’s United Nations Ambassador.

During the 2016 election year, Power was involved in “unmasking” more than one American every day – thus using U.S. intelligence agencies, many suspect, to spy on members of Donald Trump’s campaign staff.

The liberal media, meanwhile, tried to manipulate the presidential race by giving Trump $2 Billion worth of free airtime, according to The New York Times. By nominating what they thought would be the Republicans’ weakest candidate, the media were trying to help elect Democrat Hillary Clinton.

In 2012, Democratic operatives directed candidates to push gun control with emotional techniques, not intellectual arguments. Even before he became Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder told a Democratic meeting that he was launching a campaign to “really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.” “Brainwash” is another word for “nudge.”

Sunstein has sought to make taxpaying a “celebration,” writing that “You cannot be for rights and against government….There is no liberty without dependency.” This is the kind of mind-twisting Double-Think found in Big Brother’s propaganda in George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Sunstein also proposed sending secret agents into groups that fear Big Government conspiracies in order “to persuade, debias, or silence” them. Yes, he wrote “silence.”

Sunstein seems not to understand that he is proposing exactly the kind of Big Government conspiracy that people fear. Such is the arrogance of today’s mind-controlling, politically correct, paternalistic Progressive intellectuals, politicians and media. This is “democracy” of, by and for the government, not the people.


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THE DEMOCRAT TAX PLAN: Dishonest Secret Taxes on You

By Lowell Ponte

According to the media, the Republican tax plan would cut taxes for the wealthy and business.

But, oddly, the media have not honestly told you about the Democrat tax plan, which supposedly is to increase taxes on the rich and companies until they are paying their “fair share,” a term that neither Democrats nor the media ever define.

I have asked left-liberals such as the late Alan Colmes if they would put a ceiling on such taxes. Is there any amount – 90 percent? 95 percent? 99 percent of income? – at which a rich person or company has paid enough and should be permitted to keep the last few dollars earned?

Cartoon - Tax the Rich

The left-liberal answer is always the same – no top limit on taxation of any kind. The left does not want capitalists to keep anything. The government should take, and control, it all….all earnings, all property, all “wealth.”

What the left calls “wealth,” of course, is actually capital, the accumulated green energy business people use to invest in new jobs, develop new products, and expand or launch enterprises.

The left wants to expropriate all this entrepreneurial economic seed corn for the government — which makes nothing (except political crony boondoggles and war). What is “fair” about government confiscating an ever-increasing share of the value created by private individuals and companies?

This Progressive tax plan aims to increase what are already the highest business taxes of any advanced nation – 10 percentage points higher than the 25 percent business tax rate of Communist China.

Enterprises and entrepreneurs, of course, do not simply pay such taxes. Taxes are a cost of doing business that gets passed on to consumers as higher prices on the goods and services sold.

The Democrat tax plan turns businesses and business owners into the government’s unpaid tax collectors, squeezing money out of you and your family.

Democrats then condemn capitalists for being “greedy” by charging you higher prices – even though the price increases are merely passed-on taxes that enrich the government, not private businesses.

The proposed GOP tax package has threatened to end this cynical con game by lowering, not raising, business taxes. If he succeeds, the economy will prosper, and you will pay less for the goods and services you buy.

But if Big Government politicians win, government will grow larger. The hidden taxes passed on by politicians to all of us will become bigger and bigger. The free market economy will disappear as companies simply become extensions of government regulation, mandates, and taxation. Government will within decades own everything, and we will be reduced to serfs, political dependents in what used to be a free nation.

The Republican tax plan is vague and thus far undefined. The Democrat tax plan is crystal clear and unchanging, and depends on your unthinking green-eyed envy to give leftists power to “tax the rich.”

As Craig R. Smith and I explain in Money, Morality & The Machine, the Democrat tax plan claims to tax business and the rich, but it really plans to impose higher secret taxes on you.


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TAXING OUR PATIENCE: Business Taxes Are Hidden Taxes On You

by Lowell Ponte

“The wealthy are not getting a tax cut under our plan,” says Gary Cohn, the director of President Donald Trump’s White House Economic Council.

“Tax reform will protect low-income and middle-income households, not the wealthy and well-connected,” says President Trump. “The biggest winners will be the everyday American workers as jobs start pouring into our country….” Will Mr. Trump’s “pay raise” for the working class come more from cutting business taxes than from actually cutting worker taxes?

Cohn says that he “can’t guarantee” that taxes will not go up for many in the middle class. The lowest marginal tax rate is to rise from 10 to 12 percent….but at what income amount this rate leaps to 25 and 35 percent has not been announced.

ahighcorptax-800The New York Times, The Atlantic and other liberal media are already quoting a study by “the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center” that claims the Republican plan would give huge tax breaks to the rich, increase the deficit by $2.4 Trillion or more over 10 years, provide only crumbs to the working class, and over time greatly increase taxes on the middle and upper-middle classes.

The liberal media loves the Tax Policy Center (TPC), which always attacks proposed tax cuts for corporations and the successful. The Wall Street Journal describes TPC as “a joint effort of the Urban Institution and Brookings Institution….two Democratic-aligned think tanks.” Why does the media call the left-leaning Tax Policy Center “nonpartisan”?

Lawmakers of both parties acquire power and importance from taxation and spending, and many show little desire to cut either. Many insist that any tax cut must be “paid for” by raising at least as much tax on somebody else. Republican legislative leaders agree that to pass tax reform with only 51 votes, it must be “deficit neutral,” i.e., not increase government debt.

By this trick, politicians virtually guarantee that Big Government’s total taxes can never be reduced, only redistributed among favored or targeted taxpayers.

Industries are thus coerced to make fat political contributions to buy new, or maintain old, tax breaks that protect them from higher taxes. The current tax reform legislation is expected to unleash “10,000 lobbyists” with cash in hand. This capital paid to politicians makes capitalist companies less able to hire workers or produce the economic growth that was sparked by past tax cuts.

Taxes do much more than fund the government and compel contributions. The tax code is used to advance ideology and do social engineering. Targeted Progressive tax redistribution usually plunders Republican enterprises to enrich Democratic cronies, comrades, and constituent groups – and to enlarge government.

Powerful lawmakers say they will retain the same “Progressivity” in government redistribution of wealth, while removing even more Americans from the income tax rolls. This could mean that a majority of Americans will pay no income taxes, see government merely as a free goody dispenser that costs them nothing, and vote for Progressives to keep their privileged tax-free status and benefits. By contrast, even European Sweden makes people pay tax on the welfare they receive.

Nobel laureate economist Milton Friedman proposed a “negative income tax” that would tax the rich and pay the poor. Today the “refundable” Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit do this.

Republican Senators Mike Lee of Utah and Marco Rubio of Florida want to double the child credit. Because the U.S. today has record low fertility, this might encourage Americans to have more children. The U.S. in the long run would need fewer imported workers that drive down wages. You are taxed, meanwhile, to fund Planned Parenthood.

Trouble is, every tax dollar “spent” by politicians is a dollar that cannot be cut from business taxes. President Trump has said that lowering the U.S. corporate tax rate to 20 percent, from today’s world high among advanced nations of 35 percent, is “non-negotiable.”

Politicians, however, have a scam. They impose heavy taxes on businesses, which pass the cost on to you as higher prices. You pay these taxes – while the politicians denounce the “greed” of companies selling you expensive products, perhaps half the cost of which is really hidden taxes. “Tax the rich,” they demand. Do they think we forgot that the income tax was sold as a tax “only on the rich” that now robs us? Who is the greediest of all? Big Government.

Are the politicians willing to reduce their “invisible taxation” by lowering business taxes, as President Trump wants? Or the inflation “tax” Craig R. Smith and I explain in The Inflation Deception? (When government prints trillions of dollars out of thin air, you are robbed of the full purchasing power of the paper dollars you earned and saved; it is no accident that parts of the Congressional plan do not adjust for inflation, thereby letting lawmakers tax you twice.) Will greedy politicians keep taxing our patience by deceiving us and looting our money?
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