California’s Illegal Alien Voting Law IS Secession

By Lowell Ponte

On April 12, 1861, the Confederacy opened fire on Fort Sumter, igniting a Civil War that before its end killed more than 620,000 Americans.

Mark the date April 1, 2018, April Fool’s Day, as the day Civil War 2.0 began. On that day the State of California began to automatically register illegal aliens to vote who have driver licenses. This new law immunizes illegals against any state criminal penalty for registering and voting.


Leftist scholars say that our states control their voting criteria and can legally register non-citizens to vote in state, county, and local elections. States, including California, however, may not register illegals to vote in federal elections – for Members of Congress, U.S. Senators, or President.

Allowing citizens of other countries vote in California would illegally “dilute” the votes not only of Californians but those of all American citizens by giving foreigners political power in selecting American lawmakers and Presidents. Democrats who collude in such theft of citizen voting rights – letting your vote be cancelled out by a foreigner – should face criminal prosecution under the Conspiracy Against Rights Act (18 USC § 241).

California has one-quarter or more of America’s illegal aliens – as well as one-third of the entire nation’s welfare recipients. With a population more than 40 percent Latino, it has become Mexifornia. The new California motor-voter registration law that took effect April 1st transparently is intended to enfranchise illegals, who vote 2-1 for the ruling Democratic Party, in order to dissolve the American nation into a borderless, bankrupt, bilingual backwater ruled as a colony by a global Progressive government.

Progressive President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s slogan was “Tax and tax, spend and spend, elect and elect.” In California’s lavish vote-buying welfare state, the top 1 percent of taxpayers earn 24% of the income, but reportedly pay at least 48% of all income taxes. The highest-earning 5,700 Californians reportedly pay upwards of 37% of all state income taxes. This dangerously narrow tax base in the economic near-crash of 2008 caused state tax revenue to plummet by 23%. California cannot yet print its own money.

The greed of California Democrats is without limit. When President Donald Trump passed his tax cut, leading leftist politicians swore that they would increase already-crushing California taxes to “recapture” what the rich saved. Successful people are fleeing with their money from the once-golden state in a “reverse gold rush,” while millions more illegals are flooding in to get welfare checks in what now calls itself a “sanctuary state?”

President Trump is trying to fight his way through a thicket of Democrat-appointed left-wing judges to defund or abolish sanctuary cities and illegal invaders, like the thousands of mostly-Hondurans calling themselves Migrantes en la Lucha, “migrants in the fight,” mobilized to be the next wave to overwhelm the border patrol on Easter weekend, much as the radicals wearing Guy Fawkes masks swept over the British police in the movie V for Vendetta. These are classic radical tactics: either the invaders win, or the police who stop them are accused of anti-human brutality.

Imagine a better alternative. Suppose that President Trump announces today that the new California law has made all future elections unconstitutional and illegal, because foreigners are now allowed to tilt the outcome. Neither he nor the Republican House and Senate will accept the credentials of anyone elected by California (one of 8 states, incidentally, that have more registered voters than voting-age citizens).

Imagine after November’s vote that California’s two Democratic Senators and 53 Congress members (39 of whom are Democrats) are not seated until a new California election purges all illegal aliens and other foreigners from the voter rolls in federal elections. No California presidential votes will be counted in 2020. Imagine the federal government requiring voter I.D.s and declaring it a felony punishable by permanent forfeiture of future U.S. citizenship if a non-citizen votes illegally in any federal election.

California Democrats defied federal law and colluded to let foreigners take control of the U.S. government in Washington, D.C. They started Civil War 2.0 by seceding from the United States and its laws. Now they should lose all political power outside California, which would end any hope that Progressives will ever again rule the United States. Bye Bye, California.
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2 thoughts on “California’s Illegal Alien Voting Law IS Secession

  1. Kalifornia voters, or at least their votes, should be banned from all federal elections.
    Same thing for electoral votes from the state.


  2. As a Natural Born Citizen of the United States of America and of the state of California (now mexafornia) I pray the Fed’s do block any representation from my State. It is not fair to the rest of our GRATE COUNTRY to have to listen to the GARBAGE being spit out of our states marxist poloticians, it’s bad enough for us here in California (mexafornia) to have to lesson to!!!


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