Trump’s Turning Point In History (And Ours)

By Lowell Ponte

The ancient Chinese had a favorite curse: “May you live in interesting times,” meaning times of social disorientation, transformational change, war, chaos, and revolutionary upheaval. We live in interesting times in a nation divided.

Progressives, after a century of power-grabbing, were in 2016 only one election victory away from dissolving America into a collectivist global government.

The left-dominated media and unelected Deep State in 2016 decided that they would do more than interfere with our election by rigging the Democratic nomination for Hillary Clinton, and then refusing to prosecute her many crimes.

Almost unreported, the liberal media also tried to rig the Republican primaries to guarantee that Ms. Clinton became President by picking the “weakest” possible opponent to make her victory easy. The media did this by giving Donald Trump what the New York Times estimates was a de facto campaign contribution of $2 Billion worth of free airtime to beat his GOP rivals.

Progressives continue to suffer shock and awe that Trump, like a mythical Greek hero, did the almost-impossible by defeating Clinton. This man of destiny prevented our doom, although it remains to be seen for how long. He is tough but honest about his agenda. Progressives are desperate to hector and destroy this man who bested them, and who exposes how they have corrupted the America designed by our Framers.

bsnews-bigAs part of the media’s frenzied coup attempt to destroy Trump, CBS “60 Minutes” plans next weekend to interview a fame-and-wealth-seeking pornographic movie star who claims she and Trump had an affair. She says she was paid $170,000 not to discuss this matter in public, but now she will – which means that nothing she says can be trusted.

CBS is changing from the Tiffany to the titillation network, airing smut for ratings. Did it do this when Progressive Bill Clinton was sexually accused? Bill and Hillary Clinton were given prime time on “60 Minutes” in a pre-taped, pre-election interview – basically a free ad – where Executive Producer Don Hewitt gave them the questions in advance, along with guaranteed do-overs if they slipped and said anything embarrassing. Republicans are never allowed to edit their CBS interviews like this. As media insiders know, Hewitt was also notorious for chasing young females around the desk of his locked office.

CBS is sinking from being fake news into Pornews, airing pornography as news. Anything to destroy Trump.

Meanwhile, to win the 2018 elections, Democrats in key places such as Pennsylvania’s soon-to-vanish “Brigadoon” 18th Congressional District are pretending to be Trumpists. Conor Lamb’s first ad leading to his narrow win featured him holding his AR-15 “assault rifle” while saying he would defend Second Amendment rights….yet no young anti-gun activist protested against Lamb. Media’s leftist collusion conjures such illusions. Lamb said he would not vote for liberal Rep. Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker – but fooling voters into electing mock-moderate Democrats could make her speaker, end Trump’s reforms and tax cuts, and launch his impeachment.

Trump has struck fear into our smug unelected rulers who thought they were above the law and would pay no price for attempting a coup d’etat. Leftists now know this war with Trump could cost them their accumulated power.

Trump has less than seven years left to serve, but supporters act as if he has made America permanently prosperous. Seven good years might be coming, or, God forbid, tomorrow morning’s news could report that Trump’s presidency has suddenly ended and the economy and dollar are in free fall.

We should be prepared with honest money, prudent diversification, and individual responsibility. America’s future in these interesting times may depend on President Trump, but he depends on the more than 40 percent of Americans who support him despite endless Progressive attacks.
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