Donald Ducks Into California: Will He Be the Last President to Visit this U.S. State?

By Lowell Ponte

Donald Trump scheduled this week for his maiden visit to the most hostile leftist land to him on Earth, the once-golden state of California.

The Spanish named this place after the fabled warrior Queen Calafia (from the Arab word Khalifa, the Muslim religious and state ruler) who ruled a magic island of talking animals. This was the land where 49ers swarmed nearly two centuries ago, with pipe dreams of gaining wealth without work, and actors later followed with stars in their eyes.

mrz031018-color-1-8-mb_origToday California has more poor people than any other state – one-third of America’s welfare recipients, and one-quarter of its illegal aliens. This dependency on government has produced a super-majority of ruling Democrats and a minority-majority state where whites are a minority.

In the north of this first “sanctuary” state, the Oakland mayor has done more than refuse to cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) police; she also warned illegal residents that ICE agents planned widespread arrests the next day, thereby endangering the officers.

An Oakland coffee shop called Hasta Muerte (Spanish for “until death”) refuses to serve police officers for the “physical and emotional safety of our customers and ourselves.” Oddly, far-left residents would punish a cake shop that refused to custom-decorate a cake for a gay wedding, but discriminating against cops is fine. They would evict police, much as the “no go” Muslim zones in Paris do. As the old saying goes, were it not for their double standards, the Left would have no standards at all.

At the state’s opposite end is its second biggest city (yes, bigger than San Francisco), San Diego, where in California’s golden age roughly one-third of residents had some connection to the U.S. military, mostly Marines at Camp Pendleton or the Navy’s Top Gun or Pacific Command Center.

President Trump reportedly plans to arrive in San Diego on Tuesday, be targeted by protestors (some of whom may be taking the San Diego State University course on impeaching Trump), inspect the eight prototypes for his border wall, and fly for 20 minutes up the coastline that night to Los Angeles and a Republican fundraiser where tickets cost from $35,000 to $250,000. In 2016 Trump got more than 4.5 million votes in California. He then will fly home Wednesday, perhaps with one other stop, perhaps in Fresno. He may be the last President to visit American California.

Although Hillary Clinton carried California with ease in 2016, several of the secession movements aim to free San Diego as well as the inland and northern counties from the tyranny of the radical Los Angeles-San Francisco axis – symbolized by the single red star in California’s flag.

Why is this Left Coast axis so leftist? Hollywood is a land of utopian fantasy that at least once upon a time used to be mostly pro-American. But Hollywood is now an almost wholly-owned subsidiary of Communist China, its biggest audience and provider of production money. It is an industry of prostitutes that, as Susan Sarandon says, rewards actors who “Don’t ask questions.”

Typical leftist actor Matt Damon, for example, recently starred in the China-funded propaganda flick “The Great Wall.” He also starred in the American-oil-fracking-is-evil agitprop film “Promised Land,” which was quietly funded by America’s competitor the oil-rich United Arab Emirates. Globalism and anti-American themes are fine in Hollywood movies, but what major recent movies are pro-American?

Northern California’s Silicon Valley is rich with high tech companies that stifle employee free speech as surely as University of California commissars do, and that also help China control and spy on its own citizens. Yes, they still have stars in their eyes – now red stars. These are the rich folks who mock Trump’s wall and nationalism while living in gated communities and pay little to their illegal Mexican gardeners.

But come the political mega-quake, these white rich will be ousted, much as opponent Kevin de Leon, veteran ruler of the California Senate, denied U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein the Democratic re-nomination. As De Leon has said, if the immigration laws were enforced, half his relatives would have to return to Mexico. Instead, come April 1, they and other illegals getting driver licenses will automatically be registered to vote with legal immunity, and we can kiss American California goodbye.

California has already seceded from federal drugs laws, too. Californians used to worry about their state seceding and turning into an alien nation, but, high on Hollywood hallucinations they smoke something to forget that now. This month Steven Spielberg releases “Ready Player One,” which as Craig R. Smith and I discuss in Money, Morality & The Machine is about a dystopia where people live mostly in computer games.

California will label caffeine a carcinogen at Hasta Muerte, but they are putting treated sewage into state water supplies. Do not drink the water, Mr. President. As California Senator Kamala Harris says in criticizing President Trump’s immigration policies: “California represents the future.”
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