A German Earthquake Shakes Europe’s Foundation

By Lowell Ponte

The earthquake that hit Germany on Sunday could be felt throughout the European Union. Its aftershocks will continue for months, perhaps even years, and will change America’s political and economic landscape as well.

In Sunday’s national elections, Chancellor Angela Merkel won a fourth term in office, but with less than 33 percent of the vote for her Christian Union bloc, its worst showing since the end of World War II. Mistaken polls projected she would win 37-38 percent, down from 41 percent in 2013.

Merkel had ruled in coalition with the soft socialist Social Democrats, who won only 20.7 percent, also their lowest vote since World War II. Her partner in parliamentary power now says that their marriage of strange political bedfellows is over.

Merkel, the head of Europe’s most powerful country, had become the anti-Donald Trump, the world leader who stood for globalist policies, an end of nationalism, and the collectivism of the European Union.

Indeed, Germany created the European Union, and the Euro to replace national currencies. This was its third attempt in the 20th Century, as Craig R. Smith and I explain in our latest book Money, Morality & The Machine, to conquer and control the whole of Europe. It is no coincidence that Merkel keeps in her office a painting of Catherine the Great, the German princess who became Russian Czarina….and Merkel’s favorite historic ruler.

But ruling will be difficult for Merkel now. She must patch together new coalitions with the business-friendly Free Democrats who won 10.4 percent and want no more bailouts of Greece and other profligate neighbors, and with the leftist Green Party with 9.1 percent, which is largely anti-big business. Neither one gives her a governing majority, so she must find ways to compromise with both.

Merkel’s worse nightmare is that a new party called Alternative for Germany (AfD) won a surprising 13.2 percent of the vote and will become the third biggest party in the German legislature, with perhaps 80 legislators. This party, allied with the soon-to-be-renamed National Front of Marine Le Pen in France, has said it will demand investigations into Merkel’s invitation that brought more than a million Muslim immigrants into Germany.

This is an anti-immigrant party that opposes the European Union. It applauds the United Kingdom’s Brexit from the EU, and the opposition to EU-coerced immigration by Poland and Hungary. It is intensely nationalist, tapping some of the same voter concerns as Donald Trump, and like President Trump it wants to dismantle Merkel’s globalist agenda.

The same tectonic forces days ago led Catalonia to hold an unauthorized vote to secede from Spain; the election was put down by ballot-confiscating armed Spanish police in Barcelona. Similar tremors can be felt in several other EU countries. All are heartened by the fast-growing power of Alternative for Germany.

The World Jewish Congress has called Merkel a “true friend of Israel and the Jewish people,” and evinced fear of this rising German nationalist party.
It is unclear why they praise Chancellor Merkel who, fearful of Germany’s low fertility rate, has flooded her country and Europe with Muslims. Under EU laws an immigrant can move anywhere in the EU, regardless of member nations’ wishes.

Merkel decided to run for a fourth term only after Trump’s victory and the United Kingdom’s vote for Brexit. After the vote, she has already begun to backpedal on the concerns of nationalist voters. She may be unable to keep globalist policies, the European Union, and the Euro from collapsing during the next four years.
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