Will President Trump Go for Broke?

Are You Ready for The Art of the “New New” Deal?

by Lowell Ponte

On his Inauguration Day, Donald Trump may have become the richest President in American history. Only seven months later, he may be the poorest – not in personal wealth but in shrinking political capital.


As Republican lawmakers and fellow business executives distance themselves from him, and as just-departed senior advisor Steve Bannon tells the press that “this presidency is over,” President Trump appears weakened.

But President Trump, if he stays in office, could have a huge impact on our politics. He faces an ongoing coup d’etat by the same liberal media that tried to elect Hillary Clinton by giving Trump $2 Billion in free airtime to beat Republican primary opponents. This manipulative media now baits him, and he reacts. Charlottesville showed a failure of imagination; he could, e.g., have called for putting up more statues to honor minority heroes.

Three surprising Trump options could change the game, however, and greatly affect your money, investments, and future. President Trump could:

(1) Become more of a RINO Republican who supports open borders for cheap labor, globalism, and ever-bigger government — a hybrid that is half-Trump, half-Jeb Bush – a “Trush.” Mr. Bannon apparently believes that key military-industrial-banking advisors around Trump are now implicitly pushing him in this direction.

This option would upset his populist nationalist voters who want to Make America Great Again, but it might firm up his crumbling GOP congressional support enough to pass economic legislation. An improving economy can overcome many other political problems by lifting all boats in society.

(2) Make Democratic lawmakers offers too good to refuse about trillions for infrastructure and social spending, more jobs, higher taxes on the rich, and pro-immigration reform. Trump was a Democrat and major liberal donor until 2009; this crony capitalism is how building gets done in large Democrat-controlled cities.

Democrats who used to clamor for his fat donations now insult him. But polling since the 2016 election shows that he would beat Hillary Clinton again. Democrats are unpopular, and as the old political saying goes: “You can’t beat somebody with nobody.” The Democrats – a geriatric kleptocracy — have nobody that voters want.

A Trump-Democratic coalition might bring the white working class and populists back to Democrats. The instant that Trump and Democrats embrace, the left-leaning mainstream media will halt their constant character assassination of him and declare that Trump has seen the light.

(3) Launch a third party, a Populist-Nationalist party, with himself as its head. When Teddy Roosevelt did this in 1912 with his Bull Moose Party, he split the Republican vote and gave Democrat Woodrow Wilson a small plurality victory; what followed was the progressive income tax and the Federal Reserve’s debased “elastic” fiat money that continue to cripple our liberty and prosperity.

Today many Republican and Democratic politicians are widely seen as sellouts to special interests – by both conservatives who want smaller government and by Bernie Sanders leftists who want outright socialism.

By “Trumpangulation,” the incumbent President could make both major parties compete to support him. He could make and take credit for positive economic and social policies. He could, with luck, win re-election.

Such might become The Art of the “New New” Deal 2020. Americans hoped for a deal-making president and may instead get a compromising one. But who knows how President Trump will go for broke for our nation’s workers, now that he is forced to play a hand with diminishing political capital?
To schedule a fascinating interview with Lowell Ponte, a veteran think tank futurist, contact: Sandy Frazier at 516-735-5468 or email sandy@mystic-art.com .

For a free copy of Craig R. Smith and Lowell Ponte’s latest book, Money, Morality & The Machine, contact: David Bradshaw at 602-918-3296 or email him at ideaman@myideafactory.net .


One thought on “Will President Trump Go for Broke?

  1. We need a third party. But it has to be totally distant from either Democrat or Republican., And it must be REAL conservatism. No matter what you call it, IF it is not Dem or Repub, a large segment will support it just because it is against the D’s and R’s.


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