The Moral & Monetary Arms Race of Modern War


By Lowell Ponte

The threat of foreign war used to unite a nation. A popular theme of Cold
War science fiction was that Planet Earth would come together if threatened
by aliens from another world.

Today, however, the very real threat of nuclear war with Communist North
Korea has not slowed the effort by American Leftists to make domestic war
against President Donald Trump by any means. The confrontation in
Charlottesville, Virginia included some misguided idealists but created a
violent clash between two kinds of racist collectivist socialists.
North Korea’s American ideological comrades foment race, class, and every
other kind of hatred they can conjure to effect a coup d’etat against the
democratic choice of the people. The radical and media elite know that
America will be torn apart, as Michael Savage and others warn, if they use
gimmicks to remove President Trump.
Such an overthrow of a duly-elected President would trigger a civil war, not
by compromised Republicans but by millions of Trump’s working class
Democratic supporters who have spent their lives fighting while clinging to
their God and guns.
Could North Korea defeat us? Judging by the rush of rich people into foreign
property, rural survival homes, and gold, we should pay attention.
In theory, a single nuclear-tipped ballistic missile detonated high above the
heartland of America could generate an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that
could fry the computer chips essential to our cars, businesses, cell phones,
airliners, bank accounts, military weapons, and national electrical grid. This
might plunge us from the Modern Age back into the Stone Age in a
heartbeat. Rebuilding our civilization could take years.
In Don’t Bank On It: The Unsafe World of 21 st Century Banking, Craig R.
Smith and I show what could happen to your life savings, which likely exist
merely as blips in a bank computer that EMP instantly would erase and

destroy. In The Great Debasement, we show what a nuclear terrorist EMP
could do to world banking and our military in the Persian Gulf.
Less than 10 percent of our money exists as cash. Most is simply credit, but
EMP could render your bank account and credit cards instantly worthless.
Our modern economy would cease. What “currency” would you have to
spend if the electric current powering your electronic devices disappeared
for weeks, months, or even years?
The Heritage Foundation on August 11 semi-seriously offered its “5 Best
Off-Grid Currencies” to barter or use if such a crisis of powerlessness
happens: (1) “Distilled spirits…Moonshine…a great disinfectant and
preservative”; (2) “Ammunition…The Silver Bullet of Currency” for self-
defense and hunting game for food; (3) “Soap…[which] gives money
laundering a whole new meaning….a sanitary item that prevents disease”;
(4) Tobacco and Cannabis…Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em”; and (5) “Dried
Food, especially whole beans and corn,” which can be eaten, traded, or
The Left’s efforts to dominate us have made millions dependent on
government, not on their neighbors or themselves. The Left has undermined
our pioneer ancestors’ most basic values – faith, patriotism, family,
individualism, self-reliance, and community. The Left has undercut our
national cohesion because, frankly, they want global governance and an end
to the capitalist American nation.
Those with our traditional values will reject the Left’s divide-and- conquer
tactics of hate and hostility as an anti-American Fifth Column.
The wise will join the millions following the advice of Ray Dalio, manager
of the world’s largest hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, who says “Buy
Gold” to enhance our security as the North Korea risk rises. A return to
honest, proven hard money would help us to “harden” our computers and
national grid against EMP. We could again be a saving remnant for freedom
– a remnant whose savings can again build a bright, secure future, despite
our enemies, foreign and domestic. Such monetary and moral rearmament is
our best national defense.

To schedule a fascinating “Gee Whiz” interview with Lowell Ponte, a veteran think tank futurist and former Roving Science Editor of Reader’s Digest, contact: Sandy Frazier at 516-735- 5468 or email .

For a free copy of Craig R. Smith and Lowell Ponte’s latest book, Money, Morality & The Machine, contact: David Bradshaw at 602-918- 3296 or email him at .

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