by Lowell Ponte

Big news happened Thursday in James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, but it will never be reported by the media that is using these hearings to wound or destroy President Donald Trump.
John Cole / Scranton Times Tribune
Mr. Comey previously said that he “has not been pressured to close an investigation for political purposes.” That would “be a very big deal,” he testified under oath before the Senate Judiciary Committee on May 3. “It’s not happened in my experience.”

But on June 8, in response to questioning by Senator James Lankford (R.-Oklahoma), Mr. Comey said that President Barack Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch had ordered him not to say Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was under “criminal investigation” by the FBI. Call it a “matter,” she ordered Comey.

Comey agreed, but told Ms. Lynch that this would not change the way the media reported the matter. The FBI does only “criminal investigations.”

A “criminal investigation” by any other name will smell just as foul to some – but will seem less important to others. This is why today’s ideological politicians are eager to impose politically correct language everywhere. Control the language, as George Orwell said, and you soon control the thinking about things.

On Thursday, Mr. Comey contradicted his prior sworn testimony. He had been told to end an FBI “criminal investigation” for obviously political reasons – not by President Trump, but President Obama’s Attorney General.

He promptly complied with Ms. Lynch’s order. But when you remove the label “criminal investigation” from an FBI probe, you are ending an FBI “criminal investigation.”

He did not resign at this apparent effort to bring FBI language into conformity with Democratic Party political propaganda. He never voiced in public any concern that Mr. Lynch’s order was improper, unethical, or illegal.

But Mr. Comey found Mr. Trump’s statements uncomfortable enough to write memos about – memos that came to light only after President Trump fired him as Director of the FBI.

Comey may have leaked these memos – at least one of which was classified – to a friend at Columbia University Law School to share with the media. He did this, according to the Washington Post, in hopes that “doing so would spur the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the administration.”

As the old saying goes, were it not for double standards, some people would have no standards at all.

Ponte’s opinions in this column are solely his own.

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