Will French Voters Shatter the European Union?

As with Trump, Populist Nationalism Could Shake the World

By Lowell Ponte

On Sunday, French voters rejected the elitists of all the ruling parties, right and left, and for the first time in generations chose two outsider candidates to contend for President in a May 7 runoff.

Marine Le Pen, 48, of the nationalist, anti-European Union party the National Front, came in second with roughly 22 percent of votes. And two points ahead of her was Emmanuel Macron, 39, who has never held elective office.

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The media are quick to tell us that Macron is “neither left nor right” and is a “centrist” who must win against “far right” Ms. Le Pen. But Macron is the former economy minister of socialist President Francois Hollande, who wrecked the French economy and sent hundreds of thousands of the brightest young French to Great Britain and other lands seeking opportunity.

Le Pen has said that her election would overthrow the “savage globalist” ruling establishment of the European Union (EU) by holding a national referendum, like Brexit, over whether to stay in the EU and use the Euro currency, through which Germany has largely conquered the rest of Europe.

The EU, as Craig R. Smith and I explain in our latest book Money, Morality & The Machine, was devised after World War II by French intellectual Jean Monnet. Monnet wanted it to replace European nations by melting them into one government, so no such war could happen again.

And, because Germany’s WWII dictator had been democratically elected, Monnet wanted the European Union to be created and ruled not by votes of the people, but by an elite of unelected Eurocrats, Progressive philosopher kings who “know better” than the people and keep increasing EU power bit by bit. When United Kingdom voters saw that 61 percent of their laws and regulations were being imposed by the EU, and that they no longer had sovereign control over who migrated into their country, they voted for Brexit to leave the EU.

Macron firmly supports the European Union and Euro, sharing this view held by the ruling parties from right to left that after the Sunday election endorsed him and called for a united front against French nationalist Le Pen.

A cynic might suspect that, knowing no Socialist could win after Hollande’s dismal failure, Macron ran as an unknown stealth socialist under his own new party label, En Marche! (which means “Forward” or “Onward” or “On the Move”).

Macron claims to favor more market freedom and smaller government, yet defends keeping the entire French welfare state. (France, with a population of 66 Million, has the world’s seventh largest economy, only slightly smaller than India, with a population of 1.25 Billion.) Macron was an investment banker who in a short career for Rothschild & Co. made as much as $3.1 Million.

At age 15, Macron, the son of two doctors, fell in love with his teacher, 24 years his senior, who left her husband and three children to marry the persuasive youngster. He loves poetry.

Macron is, as the New York Times calls him, “the establishment’s anti-establishment candidate.” He is for the EU, immigrants, and Muslims settling in France. He claims to be an independent but portrays himself “almost as the anti-Le Pen.” And, having the support of the ruling party elites and leftist globalists (e.g., he made a TV ad of a friendly telephone call days before the vote from Barack Obama), Macron is favored to win and keep France under globalist control in the EU, which is why Le Pen calls Macron the “candidate of oligarchs.”

Markets cheered, and the Euro briefly surged, at the prospect of Le Pen losing on May 7. She has repeatedly traveled to Moscow, praised Russia as a defender of Christianity, and taken almost $10 Million in loans over the last three years for her party from a small Russian bank. (Macron claims that Russia has been hacking his computers.) If Le Pen wins, the EU might shatter in the anti-EU, anti-globalist nationalist forces this would unleash across Europe and the world.

frexit-714a0She is nationalistic like Charles de Gaulle, who tried to make France the planet’s fulcrum of power by tilting between the United States and Soviet Union. She favors nationalist trade policies to protect French workers. And like De Gaulle, she claims France was not responsible for the genocidal anti-Semitism of the Vichy Government under German occupation because the “true” French Government was in exile in London. Le Pen purged her own father from the party, which he founded, for making anti-Semitic remarks.

The globalist establishment has used many tactics to minimize the National Front’s power. In Sunday’s election, 56 French villages, including several in the far north that tend to vote for the National Front, strangely registered zero votes for Le Pen.

Worse, the U.K. Express reported that a “computer blunder” had sent two voter cards to 500,000 French citizens outside the country – and hence, likely, globalists; this gave these mostly anti-Le Pen voters the opportunity to cast two votes, not one.).

As President, neither Macron nor Le Pen could do much without support of French lawmakers from the dominant parties. France’s election of legislators happens June 11 and 18. If Le Pen wins in May and June, we might see a Frexit – and her victory would shake the world economy. A restoration of national greatness, and dimming of globalism, will move forward on both sides of the Atlantic.

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