Can Secession Succeed?

The Big Secret Issue Is “DEXIT”

By Lowell Ponte

On March 29 the United Kingdom began its official exit from the European Union (EU), an emerging empire that has been erasing the sovereignty and identity of 28 member nations.

President Donald Trump — who was elected last November by the same rising tide of anti-globalist, anti-collectivist populism that voted for Brexit last June – praised the British and urged more nations to leave the EU.

“Brexit isn’t the end,” said a furious Jean-Claude Juncker, head of the European Commission and EU boss. “If [Mr. Trump] goes on like that, I am going to promote the independence of Ohio and Austin, Texas in the U.S.”

In rare agreement over secession, Brexit leader Nigel Farage now supports the independence of part of California, at least from Los Angeles and Hollywood north to the San Francisco Bay. Farage would let the more conservative parts of California – its eastern counties plus Orange County and the state’s second largest city San Diego – remain in the U.S.


President Trump has offered to sell California to Mexico, which it could merge into Mexifornia, say several online satirists. But this is already happening. Los Angeles is already the second-largest Mexican-populated city on Earth, and the Golden State is home to a quarter of America’s illegal aliens.

The once-Golden State of 39 million people is also home to a third of America’s welfare recipients, whose addiction to free government goodies has made it a one-party Democratic state with the nation’s biggest wealth disparity — between the Hollywood and Silicon Valley rich and a huge class of impoverished people who vote Democratic.

Its rich are a privileged globalist elite, with Silicon Valley dependent on cheap imported labor from India, and Hollywood increasingly dependent on the worldwide box office and money from the People’s Republic of China.

Both the EU and the U.S. have been flooded with immigrants in order to submerge traditional national identities and values, as Craig R. Smith and I explore in our latest book Money, Morality & The Machine: Smith’s Law in an Unethical, Over-Governed Age. This has been a standard tactic of empires since Biblical times, and in our bones we recognize its intent.

Americans are also voting with their feet, with large numbers of successful California business people moving from overtaxed Progressive California to freer-market states such as Texas, no longer inclined to secede as it was in 1861. The new California Gold Rush is out of California for businesses, but into California for welfare recipients. It bodes ill for California’s future.

Progressives, their power now in decline, find hope in their bellwether state California breaking away – but where will their welfare money come from after the successful flee and the poor remain? Can its leftist leaders afford to buy the 45.8 percent of California owned directly by the U.S. Government? Will the state even have a common border with Mexico? And will the loss of California’s votes doom United States Democrats to permanent minority status?

And people are voting with their money to “Dexit,” to exit the uncertain paper dollar and move instead to hard, dependable gold whose value cannot be manipulated by central bank inflationists or greedy politicians. Great Britain was able to Brexit because it kept its own currency, the Pound, and was not seduced into adopting the now-debased Euro, as many other EU nations did to their sorrow. Likewise, more and more people here and abroad want an alternative to the global reserve currency, the U.S. Dollar, that Washington keeps printing by the trillions out of thin air.

The good news is that you can have an alternative to paper dollars by diversifying a portion of your savings into the security and strength of gold, the world’s preferred money for thousands of years. You can decide today to secede from dollars based (and debased) only on politician promises. You can go instead for monetary independence, for your own “Dexit” to gold.

For an amazing interview with Lowell Ponte, contact Sandy Frazier at 1-516-735-5468.
For a media copy of Craig R. Smith and Lowell Ponte’s latest book, Money, Morality & The Machine: Smith’s Law in an Unethical, Over-Governed Age, contact David Bradshaw at 1-602-918-3296.



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