Hiroshima Is The Wrong City, President Obama

by Lowell Ponte

On this Friday, the eve of Memorial Day weekend honoring millions of deceased Americans who fought for our country, President Barack Obama plans to visit Hiroshima.

The White House has said the President will make no apology for America dropping the first atomic bomb used in war on this Japanese city during World War II. His visit, demeanor and words of sorrow, however, will be widely perceived around the world as a de facto apology.

President Obama is going to the wrong city. He should be visiting, and apologizing to Americans for bombing, the second Japanese city targeted for nuclear destruction – Nagasaki.

Nagasaki in southern Japan far from Tokyo had almost zero military significance – but it had tremendous cultural and religious significance.

Giacomo Puccini’s opera “Madama Butterfly,” with its tale of star-crossed love between an American naval officer and Japanese girl, is set in Nagasaki because this was for centuries the one port where foreigners were permitted to land their cargoes and interact with locals.


Because of this, Nagasaki became the most Western-influenced of Japanese cities where many Christian converts – sometimes killed for their faith – lived. For background, see my article “Nagasaki, Mon Amour.” [1]

During World War II, the nation’s Christians who were able to do so moved their families to Nagasaki. They reasoned that, surely, the Judeo-Christian United States would never target this most Christian city of Japan.

Yet, perversely, Progressive New Dealers under President Harry Truman at the last minute crossed out the original target and pencilled in militarily-insignificant Nagasaki on the list for nuclear annihilation.

Ground Zero for this mushroom cloud was less than a quarter-mile from Nagasaki’s Roman Catholic cathedral, the only such Christian church in all of Japan. This bomb killed tens of thousands of Japanese Christians who, had they lived, might have reshaped the faith of their post-war country.

You should have gone to Nagasaki, Mr. President, and while there you should have apologized for your comrades’ deliberate targeting of Japan’s Christian city.

You could also have used a Nagasaki visit to explain why your Administration has persecuted the Little Sisters of the Poor and other Christians, and why co-presidents Bill and Hillary Clinton wire-tapped the Roman Catholic Cardinal of New York under their project VAAPCON because of his church’s opposition to abortion. For these and other acts targeting Christian Americans, you ought to apologize and ask forgiveness. [2]

To schedule an interview with Lowell Ponte, call: Sandy Frazier at sandy@mystic-art.com or call 516-735-5468


[1] Lowell Ponte, “Nagasaki, Mon Amour,” FrontPage Magazine, August 8, 2001. URL:

[2] Lowell Ponte, “Clinton’s Other Domestic Spying Program,” FrontPage Magazine, February 22, 2006. URL: http://archive.frontpagemag.com/readArticle.aspx?ARTID=5460 ; Lowell Ponte, “Christian Terrorism?” FrontPage Magazine, June 4, 2003. URL: http://archive.frontpagemag.com/readArticle.aspx?ARTID=17856
The opinions in the above brief article are solely those of Lowell Ponte, a veteran think tank futurist and former Roving Editor at Reader’s Digest Magazine.

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