Fauxcahontas Rising

by Lowell Ponte

Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic Senator from Massachusetts and heroine to the Progressive Left, was back in the news this week after making shrill attacks on likely Republican presidential standard-bearer Donald Trump.

In recent days some in the leftward media have urged prospective Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to boldly name Warren as her running mate. A two-woman ticket would lock down the women’s vote in a nation where women are a majority of voters, they argue.


As one of the few people in Congress to the left of Clinton rival, Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders, Warren as her Vice President would consolidate the left and far-left wings of the Democratic Party behind Mrs. Clinton. Sanders’ supporters could not resist Warren’s attraction.

(More cynical pundits offer a different view of Warren suddenly grabbing for publicity by making vile personal attacks on Mr. Trump. They note that if Mrs. Clinton’s campaign crashes and burns, either from the FBI’s investigation or health problems, then the Democratic Party leadership will likely dump 74-year-old Sanders and run Vice President Joe Biden with Warren as his Vice President, a center-left ticket. Biden and Warren have already spent time together, apparently to discuss this possibility.)

This week’s polls show that Mrs. Clinton is viewed as dishonest and untrustworthy by two out of every three Americans. Alas for Hillary, Warren has a similar history of deception and profiteering that has become a national joke.

Warren, apparently to advance her academic career, in 1986 began listing herself as a Native American, in law school directories. After hiring her, Harvard Law School publicized her minority status to counter accusations that its faculty lacked diversity.

Trouble is, Warren has no documentary evidence that she is native America. It all comes back to her having high cheekbones “like an Indian,” along with tales around her childhood dinner table claiming that the family had Native American kin….in other words, hearsay evidence that any trained lawyer such as Warren should question.

Warren retreated to the weak and vague claim that she is “1/32nd Cherokee.” This has earned her ridicule and the nickname “Fauxcahontas,” from the French word for fake and most of the early American name of a Chieftan’s daughter known to history as Pocahontas. Her actual name was Matoaka, which means “bright stream between the hills.”

Pocahontas is a nickname that means “the naughty one” or “spoiled child,” which makes it a good fit for Elizabeth Warren.

In the 1986 movie “Soul Man,” a white wins a law school scholarship by claiming to be an African-American. He then colors his skin and hair and pretends to be a minority, repenting only when he meets a black woman who needed and deserved the scholarship he won through deception and dishonesty.

Enter Elizabeth Warren, stage left, who despite her denials apparently won a Harvard Law School job by claiming to be a Native American. The job reportedly paid half a million dollars per year and gave Warren the financial security to run for U.S. Senate in 2012.

Warren was born in Oklahoma, the end of President Andrew Jackson’s Trail of Tears for Native Americans. Could it be that she is right about her ancestry? We know this: when pundits challenged her to take a DNA test, Warren did not do so. Or perhaps she took such a test secretly and, after seeing the outcome, did not want the test results made public.

It appears that, as in “Soul Man,” in her greed and ambition Elizabeth Warren did more than just grab a juicy plum of a job and fat paycheck for herself. She also hurt others – the truly qualified genuine Native American(s) who deserved the job but got cheated out of it because of Warren’s disgusting racist behavior.

Before Ms. Warren spews another nasty word questioning the credibility of others such as Mr. Trump, here’s what she should do:

(1) Elizabeth Warren should travel to every Native American tribe in the United States and apologize for her racist dishonest actions;

(2) Ms. Warren should return to those tribes the millions of dollars in wages, pensions and other benefits that she obtained by lying about her qualifications; if she refuses to return this ill-gotten gain, then she should be arrested and tried for both civil and criminal fraud, with any statute of limitations on her wrongdoing brushed aside because of the ongoing nature of her deception;

(3) Warren should resign from every office of public trust, including her seat in the U.S. Senate; these were gained, after all, from the prestigious position she obtained via deceit and trickery, and she is morally unfit and unworthy to hold any of them; and

(4) Elizabeth Warren should apologize in a televised press conference to the American people for her racism, dishonesty and pretension – including her smug pretense that she is in any way morally or intellectually superior to other Americans, especially her Native American victims. She should apologize in particular to Donald Trump.

To schedule an interview with Lowell Ponte, call: Sandy Frazier at sandy@mystic-art.com or call 516-735-5468

The opinions in the above brief article are solely those of Lowell Ponte, a veteran think tank futurist and former Roving Editor at Reader’s Digest Magazine.

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